Power of the Spirit  



Genesis 1:1-5

Psalm 29
Acts 19:1-7
Mark 1:4-11


When we look at the center of the first sentence of Genesis, we find God.  God fills the first chapter, causing all of creation.  Notice that creation does not come from nothing.  The earth was unformed and void, darkness was on the face of the deepCJB and in verse 3 the deep is described as water.

But that is not the important point for today.  The Spirit of God hovered over the surface of the waterCJB  We stress God said forgetting that the Spirit was there to do the work.  There was no sun or moon or stars but there was light.  It is the Light of God delivered by the Holy Spirit.

The voice of Adonai is over the waters;
the God of glory thunders,
Adonai over rushing waters,
the voice of Adonai in power,
the voice of Adonai in splendor

That voice, that Word of God is the power of the universe.  The Word fills the Spirit with its power, the Spirit does the work of God.

When John was busy baptizing repentant people, he was surprised to see the Lamb of God come to him for that same baptism.  Matthew has John say, I ought to be immersed by you! CJB  But Jesus must be fully human and take on our sins in a kind of reverse baptism, so John agrees to do the baptism.

It is then that the Word shatters the barrier between us and God and the Holy Spirit visibly covers Jesus with God’s protection.  We all have that same protection, but we choose not use it all too often.  It is like an umbrella, we have to decide to use the protective covering.

We can go to church, say all the correct words, be baptized, but still not have the presence of the Holy Spirit.  We are like those in Acts who were baptized according to John.  When they received the True Baptism the power of the Holy Spirit came over them just as it did for Jesus.

We cannot be satisfied with token Christianity.  Jesus called us to follow him, not recite John 3:16.  We must become doers of the Word.  Anything less is the baptism of John.  Like the men in the picture above, we must step out in faith.


Be righteous and do good.

Mike Lawrence

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