I have just returned from our church’s answer to Halloween.  A couple of hundred kids with their parents come for two hours to meet Bible characters (most wearing the same costumes used at Christmas), play games and eat hot dogs and candy.

Many were in the spook parade and came later and others either did their trick-or-treating, then came, or the other way around.  All in all, sugar was the main theme.

Why do it?  Give kids a safer environment.  Encourage parents to come with them and spend time with their kids doing kid things.  Give a tiny exposure to the Bible.  Perhaps that’s enough.  

I’m not one to consider Halloween an un-Christian event.  It’s roots are in the celebration of All Saints Day November 1 with All Hallows Eve the day before.  Sure, there’s a lot of death and gore, but all in fun.  We need as humans to explore possibilities, including ones we find unpleasant, like death.

I do wonder at the tremendous growth of Halloween as a party night for adults.  I should think moving on to more adult living is in order, but I’m not much for parties.

I wish we spend as much time the next day considering the lessons given to us by all the saints.  Yes, Peter and Paul, but also Mr. Mannors who greeted us at the door of the church the first day we attended.  The men who attended every business meeting and asked hard questions.  Even though they opposed many of the expenditures, they were always faithful to give anyway.

In the morning, think about your everyday saints.  Thank God for giving them to you.

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