For this reason I Was Born

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courtesy Can Stock Photo

2 Samuel 23:1-7

Psalm 132

Revelation 1:4b-8

John 18:33-37


What was so special about King David? Sure, he killed a giant and wrote great music, but what really set him apart? The answer is not what we want to hear, it was nothing he did. God chose David. In fact, God chose David before David was born.

We look at the story and see a boy willingly facing a giant and succeeding in the short fight. We see David proving himself capable of becoming a king. We too often fail to understand what it means to be chosen by God. We Americans are especially prone to read it as a rags to riches story. We are suckers for heroes and still believe in fairy stories, we just dress them up in modern terms.

Read again 1 Samuel 16:7-13. Jesse had 8 sons, but God chose the youngest, the least qualified for the job, as God so often does. In verse 13 we read, From that day on, the Spirit of Adonai would fall upon David with power. Phillips That is the key. This is not an account of predestination where David had no choice in the matter. Yes, God chose him, but David could have refused. When he accepted, God sent the Holy Spirit to fill him with the power he would need, and even that was not enough when Bathsheba appeared.

Even so, David became the center of a span of history from Abraham to Jesus. King David came to be the most important symbol of the coming Messiah. Abraham represented faith. Moses represented salvation. David represented the King. Elijah represented the prophet. Melkeisikeck represented the high priest.

The Messiah fulfilled all the roles.

Pilate asked the all important question of Jesus, Are you the king of the Jews? His answer was, My kingdom is not of this worldNIV My kingdom doesn’t consist of what you see around youMSG My kingship does not derive its authority from this world’s order of thingsCJB My kingdom is not founded in this worldPhillips My Kingdom is not an earthly kingdomNLT

In Revelation 1 we begin to see his Kingdom as we begin to see the Messiah at work in his Kingdom. We are fond of saying that the battle was won on that First Morning. Revelation gives us a different picture. Jesus did not simply die, then come back to life. The Angel of Death carried Jesus to the the Kingdom of Death where he engaged in battle with the Angel of Death. Death was wounded, but not defeated in that struggle. In our world, we have to think of it as a three day battle, but it must still be on going because people continue to die.

When we read the rest of Revelation (not to mention Daniel and company) it is clear that a great deal is yet to be accomplished by the Messiah. When we look at all this, it is not wonder Jesus was sweating blood the night of his arrest. The few hours of torture before his death was not the reason for Jesus’ fear, it was what came after.


Be righteous and do good.

Mike Lawrence

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