When God Roars Like a Lion



Hosea 11:1-11
Psalm 107:1-9, 43
Colossians 3:1-11
Luke 12:13-21



Will they not return to Egypt
and will not Assyria rule over them
because they refuse to repent?
A sword will flash in their cities;
it will devour their false prophets
and put an end to their plans

So much has been made of the wrath of God, that he is so upset with our sins that he seeks to destroy every last atom of our being; yet Hosea tells us of a God who will not give up; who reminds us that His people may be taken into slavery in Assyria and Babylon, but He still loves us and has not abandoned us.

If the Chosen People had remained faithful to Him, they would have been protected from the invasions of foreign armies. If we remain faithful to Him, we will receive the promise of the New Life.

So, what is required of us? Nothing.

Well, not quite nothing. We have to say, “Yes.” The only sin that cannot be forgiven is the sin of not saying, “Yes.”

But if we turn to God, we also turn to His lifestyle. Why did Paul warn us to have nothing to do with sexual immorality, dirty-mindedness, uncontrolled passion, evil desire, and the lust for other people’s goodsPhillips Why did he say, No more evil temper or furious rage: no more evil thoughts or words about others, no more evil thoughts or words about God, and no more filthy conversation?  Phillips

Simply because these are not things of God, but rather of the Father of Lies. All of these things hurt other people. God does not choose to hurt people. As Hosea reminds us, it is people who hurt people. God allows it, but He does not want it.

There is no one way for we individuals to work on these sins because we each come from different experiences. What is easy for you to avoid is nearly impossible for me. No person should judge me for my failings (except within the legal system). God alone Judges and Jesus is there to help Him.


Be righteous and do good.

Mike Lawrence

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