Teach Me Your Way Lord

Isaiah 44:6-8
Psalm 86:11-17
Romans 8:12-25
Matthew 13:24-30,36-43


Teach me your way, O Lord,
that I may walk in your truth;
unite my heart to fear your name

We live in a world that gives little thought to God, or even gods. We live every day struggling to satisfy as many desires as possible. We seem to believe there is nothing else but to fill the day with whatever happiness we can grasp.

Many of us wonder if there might be more. Many of us have been fortunate enough to meet Jesus and at least to see another Way. Many of us have decided to follow Jesus. But, it is easy to find ourselves bumped from that path.

We lose sight of the road signs amid all the earthly clutter of work, family, entertainment, money, responsibilities, and the physicality of our lives. We find ourselves in that field of wheat, trying to see through the weeds.

How can I fulfill the words of Isaiah? You are my witnessNJB How can I testify that God is real, that He is the only God that has ever existed, that He is my Rock?

I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart,
and I will glorify your name forever

An image I carry with me comes from a novel I read too many years ago to remember its title. The story is about a black country preacher who towers before the congregation Sunday morning, preaching the Word of God, filled with the Holy Spirit. As his family walks the dusty road home, the preacher slowly begins to shed that powerful presence and arrives at the house just another hard-scrabble share-cropper.

It is at first look a depressing image, but consider that he rises to that Spirit filled power every Sunday. And there is for us an answer. I may be a stalk of wheat surrounded by weeds, but I am still wheat. I may be beaten down for a few days, but I can revisit Jesus and be refreshed. The Devil may win a few rounds, but my turn is coming.


For great is your steadfast love toward me;
you have delivered my soul from the depths of Sheol

Once I choose to become a follower of Jesus, I will face obstacles. Many will be the result of my ignorance, and some will be placed before me by the Evil One. But, I should always remember the words of Paul, you have been adopted into the very family circle of God and you can say with a full heart, “Father, my Father.” Phillips And, if we share Christ’s suffering, we will also share his gloryCJB

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Be righteous and do good.

Mike Lawrence

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