Dark Snow

Blizzards of 1888

  Two massive and killing blizzards struck the US in 1888, the first in January. The first of the two blizzards is often called the Children’s Blizzard because it struck Nebraska after sunrise January 12. The children went to school in 50° weather, so they wore lightweight winter clothes. The storm struck with a combination … Continue reading Blizzards of 1888

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Statue of Liberty

  The statue was designed by Frederic Bartholdi and built by Gustave Eiffel who began work on the Eiffel Tower the following year. In 1886 Liberty was the largest statue in the world. The dedication was October 28, 1886.      Bartholdi began work in Paris by making plaster casts of each part of the design, … Continue reading Statue of Liberty

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1886 World Championship

  The current Major League is made up of the National League (the Senior League) and the American League (the Junior League) and dates to 1901. However, the National League began in 1871. Many other leagues attempted formation, but the American Association in 1882 was the only one to pose much of a match for … Continue reading 1886 World Championship

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Charleston Earthquake

  Remmy was feeding livestock about 9:30 in the evening when he felt the ground moving. This is why: August 31, 1886, Charleston, South Carolina suffered the worst recorded quake in the southeastern US, perhaps all of the east. While seismographs existed at the time, there were none in the US to record the event. … Continue reading Charleston Earthquake

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Annie Oakley

  Phoebe Ann Moses was born in 1860. Her family called her Annie as a child. She was next to youngest of seven children. Her father died in 1866 and three years later, her mother sent her to the poor farm, called the County Infirmary, because she could not feed everyone. After a year there, she … Continue reading Annie Oakley

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