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Dark Snow is about a young man who wrestles with the sixth commandment after watching a stranger murder his family. After two years of running and hiding, Remmy Bevans is able to find justice for his loved ones. I plan to publish the book in 2016.

In addition to fiction, I am writing a weekly blog on the Lectionary. Each is a short commentary on the common theme of the four scriptures. When I am too slow to discover the common thread, I revert to a discussing the Gospel reading alone.

The Lectionary posts seek to find the common theme of the four readings for each Sunday.  Sometimes it is commentary and sometimes it is in the form of a short story.  Check it out by clicking on the tool bar below my beach picture.

The Read NT posts are part of a one year project our church undertook, the idea being to read five chapters each week and follow-up in church on Sunday.  While it was written for 2014, it can be used at any time.

HAITI posts will appear from time to time.  I have an eight year story to tell.  As of now, it is a story of progress, though slow, as in   s  l  o  w   .  It was one step forward and two back, but that has reversed for now.  Pray for Haiti.

The Uncategorized posts deal with unrelated issues I feel a need to comment on.

I enjoy taking photos.  Some of the photos included with my posts are ones I have taken and others come from free online sources.

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