A Short History of American Bigotry

  It started long before Columbus, but our version does begin with the European trend to colonize the known world. The Dutch were the first to reach the Far East, setting up trade with Japan and China, using their base in Indonesia. They considered all easterners to be inferior and gradually began to develop explanations … Continue reading A Short History of American Bigotry

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I have just returned from our church’s answer to Halloween.  A couple of hundred kids with their parents come for two hours to meet Bible characters (most wearing the same costumes used at Christmas), play games and eat hot dogs and candy. Many were in the spook parade and came later and others either did … Continue reading Halloween

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Jesus and the Roman Legions

According to a recent Gallup poll, the US military is highly respected.  The poll measures seventeen areas of American life, the environment, the economy, education, etc., and the military finished at the top of the list with 74% of Americans having a positive feeling about it.  In another poll, when presented with a list of … Continue reading Jesus and the Roman Legions

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The Lion

The lion does triple duty in the Bible.  Mostly, it is a beast, doing what lions do best.  As a beast, it represents countries, kings, and people who are opposed to God and/or his Chosen People.  The lion will bring destruction upon the people and sometimes on individuals, but generally at God’s command.  None can … Continue reading The Lion

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