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Our Inheritance


Acts 2:14a,22-32

1 Peter 1:3-9

John 20:19-31

Psalm 16


The first two verses of this letter from Peter are an amazing expression of the Gospel and the triune nature of God. Please take a few moments to consider those few words. God chose us, the Spirit nourished us, and Jesus saved us. The word Peter uses to describe us—those who read his letter—is eklektos, chosen, or Gods favorites.

In verse 3 Peter uses the word kleronomia, referring to our inheritance. The word in the first century was used in the law, not in religion. It meant what inheritance means to us today. Here, Peter wants to be sure we understand that God wrote us into the will of Jesus. We have been given a gift by our Father that we did not earn.

Suppose you received a letter from a court several states away saying that your grandfather’s, brother’s son, died and you are to receive a share of his estate, even though you had no idea the son even existed. That would have come from far left field, like from the moon left field.

That’s what Peter says we are getting.

Further, we need do nothing to earn the inheritance.

Even though we understand getting money from relatives when we least expect it, we have a hard time understanding why God does not put stipulations on the gift he gives to us. So, we make up rules. God will only let me share in the inheritance if I give money to the church—attend church—be kind to strangers—feed the poor—don’t lie, cheat, steal, or go with girls that do.

None of that. It comes from God’s mercy; a gift to those who do NOT deserve it. What’s more, God has it safely stored in his private vault in heaven where nothing can ever corrupt it or steal it. It is better than gold under the mattress.

We do get some benefit from that treasure before we get to heaven. Because we believe it is true, our lives are the richer for it in the here and now. It is like getting a small advance on the treasure.

We know that good Christians suffer in this earth. Torture, beheadings, cancer, and, car crashes, all happen to the good and the bad, but we have the faith that the treasure in heaven will more than makeup for what happens to us now.


Be righteous and do good.

Mike Lawrence